MILK Brief #16: "Doing the Math" - Life Microinsurance in Mexico

MILK Brief #16:

Life products are the most common types of microinsurance both worldwide and in Mexico, where almost 14 million people are covered by life microinsurance. For these studies, the MILK team partnered with Compartamos Banco in Mexico to study an innovative life product Compartamos offers with all of its Credito Mujer loans, reaching over 1.8 million borrowers. For this life product, Compartamos subsidizes the basic level of coverage, automatically providing it with the loan, and clients can voluntarily purchase greater levels of coverage.

 MILK Brief #16 is a MILK Client Math study exploring the value clients receive from the product and its different levels of coverage. The Brief explores financial value by examining how the product helps low-income families cope with the financial consequences of a death and how the insurance product fits into the range of tools available to those families.

File Name: MILK Brief #16 - Doing the Math - Life Microinsurance in Mexico.pdf
Published: 01-17-2013
Document Type: MILK Project documents
Author: Derek Poulton and Barbara Magnoni
Country: Mexico
Language: English
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"I was stranded in New York City during the 2003 blackout, and for the next two years, I carried a small flashlight in my backpack. The flashlight did not cost much, but its potential to help in another blackout was obvious and to use it I needed only to press a button. For microinsurance to be accepted on a massive scale, it cannot cost much, its value must be obvious, and it must be simple to use." -- Brandon Matthews | Head of Microinsurance, Zurich Financial Services


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