Briefing Note: The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2012 (updated)


Briefing Note: The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2012 (updated)

This study aims at providing an overview of the status and dynamics of the industry in Africa. Thus far, three large-scale landscape studies have been conducted on the state of microinsurance: the Landscape of Microinsurance in the World’s 100 Poorest Countries (Roth, et al, 2007), the Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa (Matul, et al, 2010), and the Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean (McCord, et al, 2012). The present study, authored by the MicroInsurance Centre and published by Making Finance Work for Africa and the Munich Re Foundation, aims at updating and expanding on the 2010 Africa landscape study. For the first time, this study will include an analysis of the dynamics of microinsurance in Africa. The study was supported by the African Development Bank, ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility and the Microinsurance Network. This document provides highlights from the full study.

File Name: The Landscape of MI in Africa 2012 Briefing Note english.pdf
File Type: application/pdf
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Created Date: 11-06-2012
Author: Michael J. McCord, Roland Steinmann and Molly Ingram
Publisher: Munich Re Foundation

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