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  • MILK World Tour 2014 - key insights from the MILK Project

    Though the MicroInsurance Centre's MILK project comes to an end, the lessons live on. The MILK team presented key findings on a recent 10-city "World Tour." The lessons and insights are available in the world tour presentation, and videos of the tour are up on our Youtube page. Check it out! All MILK publications can be searched by theme here.

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Welcome to the MicroInsurance Centre, LLC.

We are a consulting firm dedicated to generating access to valuable microinsurance products for 3 billion low-income people across the globe.

We accomplish this by working with regulated insurers and appropriate delivery channels, who efficiently provide simple, market responsive microinsurance products. Our clients include commercial insurers, foundations, bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. These organizations work with us to ensure the best potential for success with their microinsurance activities. Our work with clients includes various aspects of microinsurance from product development and training to research and advocacy. Our team has implemented microinsurance activities in over 60 countries over the last sixteen years. If you’d like to learn more about what we do visit the About Us section.


CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL!!  Michael J. McCord, President of the MicroInsurance Centre elected Board Chair for The Microinsurance Network.  The announcement was made at the 10th International Microinsurance Conference in Mexico City, during the network meetings.    


Above an overview video of the Microfinance Lunch Break in Brussels Belgium.  Michael J. McCord, President of the MicroInsurance Centre, was this session's keynote presenter.  Click here for more videos, details and the full presentation.


The MicroInsurance Centre’s own Michael J. McCord featured in the latest edition of anew click here to read the full interview-



UPCOMING EVENTS - Be sure to come see us in a location near you!

March 2015

Latin America's 6th Annual Microinsurance Summit 2015 presented by HansonWade

23-26 March 2015, Miami-click here for the most up-to-date details of the event


November 2014

11-13 November, Mexico City, Mexico-10th International Microinsurance Conference-presented by Munich Re Foundation

September 2014

Felipe Botero of the MicroInsurance Centre presented at The Fifth Annual Conference: Financial Ombudsman Institute - Increasing public confidence and enhancing financial inclusion. 3-5 September 2014: Tsakhkadzor, Armenia. Click here to download the agenda and details for the conference

Katie Biese of the MicroInsurane Centre presented at The 17th Microcredit Summit: The 17th Microcredit Summit will be held September 3-5, 2014 at the Centro de Convenciones y Exposiciones Yucatan Siglo XXI in Merida, Mexico. Click here to see the workshop Katie participated in entitled "Microinsurance:  from a Global Perspective to the Specific"-it's number 17 in the playlist (in Spanish) English audio forthcoming...

July 2014

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance - 20th Anniversary Boulder MFT in English and French
7-25 July 2014: Turin, Italy - click here for details


Optimized-DSCN0576 0442014 Boulder MI 2

 Pictured above, photos from The Boulder Institute of Microfinance - 20th Anniversary Boulder MFT in English and French

The Mastercard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion 2014 (with Boulder Institute of Microfinance): Clients at the Center

16-18 July 2014: Turin, Italy - click here for details-click the link below for an exciting video from the Symposium on Business Case-our very own Michael J. McCord in this session-



June 2014 - Nigeria
Drawing fantastic feedback already!! See below for a few class comments thus far....pictures straight from Nigeria!

MicroInsurance Training - NIA & The MicroInsurance Centre
11-13 June 2014 - Insurers that have a serious interest in expanding their offerings to include microinsurance

Class Feedback:

"Wonderful first day session today. I am really excited with your presentation depth and style. Your immense experience and practical application of core Microinsurance principles and practice is remarkable." -Nelson Akerele, Director, Retail Channels, Royal Exchange Plc

"I'm really enjoying the class and Michael's mission is pretty inspiring." -Joke Adenuga, Learning & Development, Human Resources, WAPIC Insurance Plc


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April 2014 - Thailand
Over the past two years, the MicroInsurance Centre has been working with the ADB to assist regulators, insurers, distribution channels and others in microinsurance to better understand the microinsurance market in Thailand. The MIC team’s research and analysis report from this project, Towards Inclusive Insurance in Thailand: An Analysis of the Market and Regulations, is now available. With this new knowledge and understanding of what is needed to enhance the microinsurance market, the MIC is currently finishing it’s involvement in the project with a series of events in Thailand, including a training of trainers, a training of key stakeholders (insurers, distributors, policymakers), and a strategy workshop for regulators, supervisors, and policymakers. These sessions combined will help to improve the environment for microinsurance in Thailand that will lead to improved profitability for insurers and distributors and better value for low income policyholders. 

Pictured below is Michael J. McCord at some of the above mentioned events taking place in Thailand at the end of April.


March 2014 - Peru
Michael J. McCord is proud to have been a part of the faculty at this year's Boulder MFI courses in Arequipa, Peru!

Microinsurance: What Every MFI Manager Must Know: This course is offered in English and simultaneously translated in French in the Turin Session. Participants attending this course will leave with an understanding of the key issues in microinsurance. They will be able to think through the planning of a microinsurance product including how to determine what to offer, how it should be offered, and what resources and relationships will be required. All of the discussions will include examples from successful and not so successful microinsurance programs. This course is intended to provide the key information that a manager would need to plan the process of developing a microinsurance product, or improving one that is already being offered. A bias will be towards a partnership model. Those participating will be much better prepared to negotiate with insurers to make sure they are both getting a good deal for themselves and their clients, as well as providing the services that will make microinsurance successful.



The MicroInsurance Centre works closely with the following partners.

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