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Welcome to the MicroInsurance Centre, LLC.

We are a consulting firm dedicated to generating access to valuable microinsurance products for 3 billion low-income people across the globe.

We accomplish this by working with regulated insurers and appropriate delivery channels, who efficiently provide simple, market responsive microinsurance products. Our clients include commercial insurers, foundations, bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. These organizations work with us to ensure the best potential for success with their microinsurance activities. Our work with clients includes various aspects of microinsurance from product development and training to research and advocacy. Our team has implemented microinsurance activities in over 65 countries over the last two decades. If you’d like to learn more about what we do visit the About Us section.


Allianz logo

Microinsurance at Allianz Group: 2015 Half-Year Report publicly available now! Click here! The MicroInsurance Centre has proudly worked with Allianz on several microinsurance projects - click here to learn about the two MILK studies done in Burkina Faso and Indonesia.  

logo APEC

APEC economies to improve ecosystem for MSMEs

"It was great that Trade Ministers from the various APEC economies sat with us to discuss directly the challenges that MSMEs face, and to listen to our recommendations on how to address many of them in order to improve the market opportunities for MSMEs" - Michael J. McCord, President of the MicroInsurance Centre and Chairman of the Microinsurance Network.

APEC SME 2015Read more about APEC's SME Finance Forum and related workshops from the Microinsurance Network's site, click here!


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NEW RELEASE! Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A changing market 

This 2014 regional landscape study was conducted by the MicroInsurance Centre and published by the Microinsurance Network and Munich Re Foundation as part of the World Map of Microinsurance program. The publication reports on the current state of microinsurance in the LAC region and is meant to be a tool for microinsurance stakeholders, especially insurers. This study launches simultaneously with the online, interactive map for the World Map of Microinsurance program. View the full press releaes here.


Highlights from the ADB/OECD Global Seminar on Disaster Risk Financing:

"Until the role of governments is clear, others will find it difficult to enter the market through insurance or other means, as, if people presume the government will take care of them, they will feel no need to buy insurance" - Michael J. McCord, MIC President and Chairman of the Microinsurance Network.

Read the full OECD press release for this event here

Read the full Microinsurance Network press release here

Article from the Insurance Journal, click here

logo APEC

APEC Finance Ministers launch the Cebu Action Plan! Click here to view the plan/roadmap. To read about the instrumental role that the Microinsurance Network, led by chairman and MIC president Michael J. McCord, played in developing the microinsurance aspect of the Financial Resiliency portion of the plan, click here.

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New pro-rata rates to join the Microinsurance Network! 

Don't wait until the end of the calendar year to join the Microinsurance Network! Click here for more details.

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Certified Expert in Microinsurance (CEMI) - starting September 2015!

To learn more about this exciting opportunity offered by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, click here


Paper No 42: Learning From Others' Mistakes

This paper strives to identify the most common challenges facing microinsurance schemes that are likely to cause severe disruptions or failure if left unaddressed. Click here to read this ILO publication by Aparna Dalal.  

11thMIConferenceLogo Register now for the 11th International Microinsurance Conference 2015! The event will take place 3 - 5 November, 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco. Click here for more event details!
MIN logo

The State of Microinsurance: The insider's guide to understanding the sector

This is a must read annual magazine published by the Microinsurance Network! Learn about the state of microinsurance across the globe and read what industry experts have to say. Click here to download the magazine!

"It is of utmost importance that we in the sector exchange knowledge and share experiences of what has worked and what hasn't, to encourage and facilitate innovation" - Marco Antonio Rossi, President of Bradesco Seguros Group, President CNseg, President of FIDES. Read more from this editorial and other articles from the microinsurance experts featured in the annual magazine.

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Mass and Microinsurance: Consumer Protection in Inclusive Insurance Markets

Chech out these key take-aways for both insurers and regulators from the 3rd Consultative Forum which took place in November, 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico!

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Local Training Providers for Microinsurance Capacity Building

Read this experience-based study of: Cenfri, Instituto Nacional de Seguros, Microfinance Centre, and other local training providers!

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6th June Member Meeting Notes

Be sure to check out these notes and main take-aways from the Microinsurance Network's June Member Meeting!


MicroSave Briefing Note 160 - Loyalty-based Mobile Insurance: Is Design Aligned to Business Objectives?

Click here to read this MicroSave publication and the proposals for the sustainability of these loyalty insurance programs. 

MIN logo

Podcast #5: Women's World Banking's client education in Morocco

Click here to listen to this podcast and find out what Women's World Banking did to educate clients and whether it's working! MicroInsurance Centre is proud to have partnered with WWB on this important work in Morocco.

MIN logo

Microinsurance Network Annual Report 2014

This publication provides an overview of the key highlights and achievements of the Microinsurance Network in 2014 and provides a brief introduction on the main future initiatives. Click here to download the report!



Be sure to come see us in a location near you!

October 2015  
logo ACLI2015

ACLI Annual Conference 2015: Winds of Change

When: 11 - 13 October, 2015
Where: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Chicago, IL, U.S.

MIC will be represented by president Michael J. McCord! For more details click here

Sanabel logo

Sanabel 2015 Conference: Progress Towards Financial Inclusion; Global Trends and Regional Initiatives

When: 20 - 21 October, 2015
Where: Savoy Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

MIC president Michael J. McCord will be presenting on Day 2 during the panel discussion 'Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learnt of Sustainble Microinsurance Market Development'. Click here to view the event agenda.

November 2015


MIN logo

5th Consultative Forum

When: 3 November, 2015, 8h30 - 12h30
Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco

This forum will take place prior to the 11th International Microinsurance Conference and will be themed 'Consumer Education: old questions, new thinking'. Click here for more details.


11th International Microinsurance Conference 2015: "Driving Growth and Sustainability - A Business Case for Microinsurance"

When: 3 - 5 November, 2015
Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco

MIC staff and consultants will be present at this event! Click here for more details.

GFIA logo

An Afternoon with GFIA - Supervisory Cooperation and Convergence

When: 10 November, 2015
Where: Marrakech, Morocco

MIC staff and consultans will be present at this event! To register for this event, click here.

IAIS logo

22nd IAIS Annual Conference and Committee Meetings

When: 9 - 11 November, 2015 (Committee Meetings) and 12 - 13 November, 2015 (Annual Conference)
Where: Marrakech, Morocco

MIC staff will be presenting at the Committee Meetings.

MasterCardSym logo

2015 MasterCard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion: "Clients at the Centre"

When: 19 - 20 November
Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Click here for more details





October 2015



The 2015 CPCU Society Annual Meeting took place from 3 - 6 October, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

The MicroInsurance Centre was represented by president Michael J. McCord who presented 'Insurance Innovation - The Microinsurance Example' and promoted 'SUAVE Microinsurance', one of MIC's core philosophies. See photos and highlights from this event on social media #CPCU15.

GIZ logoAllianz logo

This one-day Action Session on Microinsurance took place on 2 October, 2015 at the IFC Office in Washington D.C., U.S. MIC's president Michael J. McCord presented at this session.

September 2015  

Advancing Inclusive Insurance in Africa: Innovation in Industry, Policy and Development took place on 30 September, 2015
at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. See what was said during/about this event on social media: #CHAfrica

logo APEC


The 22nd APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting (SMEMM) and 41st APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG). The meeting took place from 21 - 25 September, 2015.


OECD logo


Global Seminar on Disaster Risk Financing: Towards the Development of Effective Approaches to the Financial Management of Disaster Risks took place 17 - 18 September, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MIC's Michael J. McCord presented at this event.




Global Index Insurance Conference: Building Innovative Solutions in Agricultural Insurance took place 14 - 15 September, 2015 
at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.


logo APEC

 APEC Finance Ministers Meeting (FMM) and Finance Sector Roundtable and Dialogue with Finance Ministers on the Cebu Action Plan (CAP). This event took place from 10 - 11 September, 2015 at the Mactan Shangri-La Hotel in Cebu, Philippines.

Check out #APEC2015 on Twitter (@apec2015ph) and Facebook (facebook.com/apec2015ph)!

See the newly launched Cebu Action Plan/Roadmap

Event press release: APEC Finance Ministers Launch Cebu Action Plan

Article from Philstar business section: APEC Finalizes Draft for Cebu Action Plan

CNN Philippines: APEC finance ministers approve Cebu Action Plan

logo RFF

Responsible Finance Forum VI: Evidence and Innovation for Scaling Inclusive Digital Finance

Check out event highlights and photos by searching #2015RFF on social media!

July 2015  
BoulderMFT MIC president Michael J. McCord shared his knowledge and expertise as a faculty member of the Boulder Institute of Microfinance - Turin Session 2015 during his course entitled "Microinsurance: What Every Manager Must Know". 
June 2015  
MIN logo Members of the Microinsurance Network gathered for their annual meeting in Konigstein, Germany from 23-24 June. MIC president Michael J. McCord is the current chairman of the board for the Microinsurance Network. Check out the following article from this event: 'Translating global knowledge into local action'.  




The MicroInsurance Centre works closely with the following partners.

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Quote of the Day

"Our clients trust their own people, so we work as closely as possible with local villagers and leaders" -- NGO


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