The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Briefing Note (updated)


The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Briefing Note (updated)


The current study is the first quantitative landscape study of Latin America and the Caribbean. Much of our knowledge about microinsurance comes from case studies of countries or organizations. While these works can be informative on an entity leve, they generate little information about the microinsurance industry as a whole. This makes it difficult to identify gaps in products or coverage as well as trends. Understanding trends can help various parties leverage their activities to address gaps, jump on positive changes, change plans related to areas that are not performing, and learn from trends that are linked to regulatory or macroeconomic factors. Traditional insurance markets in developed countries commonly track trends to generate key market information.

This briefing note gives an overview of the LAC landscape findings with regards to products offered and lives covered in the region. In addition, growth and delivery channels are discussed as well as regulation and the microinsurance market.


File Name: 130703 LAC landscape briefing note.pdf
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Created Date: 07-03-2013
Author: Michael J. McCord, Clemence Tatin-Jaleran, and Molly Ingram

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