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We produce a variety of informative microinsurance research studies and have been published extensively in various industry periodicals, stand-alone publications, academic journals, and others. We use the lessons learned in research to aid the case study targets and organizations and to assist microinsurance providers make informed decision. We offer the following types of research studies for your organization:

  • Case studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies (on various issues within the microinsurance industry)
  • Feasibility studies (on various issues within the microinsurance industry)
  • Client math studies
  • Business case studies
  • Evaluations
  • Landscape mapping
  • Supply and demand
  • Regulatory framework
  • and others

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Quote of the Day

"I was stranded in New York City during the 2003 blackout, and for the next two years, I carried a small flashlight in my backpack. The flashlight did not cost much, but its potential to help in another blackout was obvious and to use it I needed only to press a button. For microinsurance to be accepted on a massive scale, it cannot cost much, its value must be obvious, and it must be simple to use." -- Brandon Matthews | Head of Microinsurance, Zurich Financial Services

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