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"Through the mentorship program with the MIC, Star Micro has benefited tremendously from MIC Product Design expertise and the identification of appropriate Distribution Channels to distribute these products. This expertise has directly contributed to the growth of Star Micro since 2008"

Afua Boahemaa Owusu, Executive Director, Star Microinsurance Services, Ltd.

Together with our expert team at the MIC, we will work with your organization to design and implement SUAVE (Simple, Understood, Accessible, Valuable, and Efficient) microinsurance products that are innovative and competitive. We will:

  • Assist your organization through some or all of the product development process, which includes:
    • process planning
    • market research on the supply and demand side
    • stakeholder workshops
    • partner selection
    • product design
    • partnership arrangements
    • pilot testing
    • roll out
    • review and assessment
    • continued monitoring to ensure the viability and profitability of the program
  • Ensure that products are responsible, professional, legal, prudent and most importantly, marketable
  • Apply our extensive knowledge and expertise from our highly experienced team of staff and consultants. The MicroInsurance Centre "wrote the book" on microinsurance product development based on its extensive implementation. To view our microinsurance product development manual, click here.

Contact us to inquire about our microinsurance product development consulting services.

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"In terms of the relationship with insurers, the delivery channel must be the primary driver in product development." -- Mariana Torres | Compartamos

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