Toolkits and Manuals for Microinsurance

Microinsurance Product Development

This document is intended to aid delivery channels, microfinance providers in particular, in working with insurance companies to develop successful microinsurance products for the low-income market. The process outlined in this manual will help microinsurance developers create successful microinsurance products. ‘Success’ means meeting the needs of the three major parties in the microinsurance relationship: low-income policyholders, the insurer and delivery channels.

 Process Mapping for Microinsurance Operations

The manual describes how a process map can be drawn, analyzed and adapted for the microinsurance sector. It offers practical guidance about which processes to concentrate on, and guides the reader through the task of improving these processes, first on paper and then in practice.

 Performance Indicators for Microinsurance (2nd edition)

This is intended to be a handbook for practitioners. This version provides more examples, uses better data for illustrating each indicator, categorizes the principles and indicators, elaborates on a number of concepts such as asset-liability matching, and has an expanded glossary of terms. The definition of the promptness of claims settlement indicator was also modified in order to reflect any difficulty the insured may have in claiming. Finally, index-based and Takaful insurance are briefly introduced in Chapter 2 with some guidance on how the principles and indicators may be adapted for these types of programs.

 CGAP's Customer-Centric Guide

This is a collection of toolkits and experiments that help you to design and deliver effective financial services for low-income customers. 

 Health Microinsurance Instructional Pricing Tool

Milliman and the International Actuarial Association have collaborated to develop a health microinsurance instructional pricing tool for the microinsurance industry. This model illustrates key actuarial principles common to health scheme pricing and describes a number of important items to consider when using available data and applying adjustments in health scheme pricing.

 Actuarial Pricing Toolkit

This document contains a hypothetical credit life pricing model created by the UK Actuarial Profession Microinsurance Working Party. This is a great life product pricing example and resource for current or future microinsurance providers.

 Client Math Toolkit

Developed by the MicroInsurance Centre as part of the MILK Project, this toolkit is a guide to implementing a "Client Math" study that helps answer the following questions: 1) Does your MI product provide value to your clients and families? 2) What role does it play in their financial lives and what impact does it have on their ability to cope with risk? It is suitable for researchers, insurers, microfinance institutions, and other delivery channels interested in developing a more thorough understanding of the value an existing microinsurance product has to clients.

 Social Performance Indicators

This handbook describes a framework, which includes a set of principles, guidelines and key performance indicators, that are designed to support microinsurance practitioners to monitor, improve and champion social performance.


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