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Documents focusing on all aspects of microinsurance are available for reading and downloading. This section of the site is updated frequently and any additions provided by our visitors will be appreciated.   Toolkits, manuals, and handbooks produced by various organizations to aid microinsurance practitioners with practical guides.   Videos, interviews, and presentations from a variety of sources that cover various topics in microinsurance.   The glossary is designed to help you to take full advantage of all the MicroInsurance Centre has to offer without misunderstanding insurance terminology. This listing of commonly used terms and their definitions should prove a valuable resource for those with limited insurance specific knowledge.   The world of microinsurance is highlighted in our list of links. They are designed to provide you with as much information as possible from around the globe.


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"It is of utmost importance that we in the sector exchange knowledge and share experiences of what has worked and what hasn't, to encourage and facilitate innovation"-Marco Antonio Rossi | President, Bradesco Seguros Group  

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