The following are categories of links related to microinsurance from various organizations all over the world and are intended to provide helpful information.

General Information Sites for Microinsurance

These sites are from a variety of different organizations such as insurers or consultant groups. Some sites provide basic information about microinsurance while others include large collections of case studies or other documents. Most of these sites have large resource databases that include articles relevant to microinsurance.

Insurer and Reinsurer Sites

These sites link to insurers or reinsurers involved in microinsurance. Most of the companies have a section of their website designated for their microinsurance activities.

Agriculture and Index Insurance Related Sites

Sites with data on, resources for, or documents about agriculture and index insurance products. Sites with information about climate change and natural disasters in relation to microinsurance can be found here as well.

Regulator and Supervisor Related Sites

Sites located on the page link to organizations that deal with microinsurance policy. These sites include international organizations as well as country specific organizations, and the site includes organization that provide research to facilitate the regulation process.

Donor Sites

These sites are organizations that commonly provide funding to various microinsurance initiaves such as market research, client value, product development, and many others.

Milliman Climate Resilence Consulting

Climate resilience refers to the recognition and planning by individuals, businesses, and governments of the influence of climate on specific hazards. Whether various aspects of climate are static or changing, whether the changes occur slowly or quickly, and whatever the cause, the right solutions for resilience are often similar. The stakes are raised when it comes to extreme events such as wildfires, hurricanes, floods, severe storms, winter storms, and earthquakes.

Milliman’s climate resilience team can help define scenarios, specify and model hazards, and develop options for resilience that offer clear insight into costs, benefits, and uncertainty. Our initial focus is on insurable property hazards and how they are affected by climate.


Quote of the Day

"Microinsurance comes from the heart, but it is a business and not a charity." -- Alvaro Uribe | Former President of Colombia

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