The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015

The MicroInsurance Centre recently conducted its 3rd regional landscape study of microinsurance in Africa. Published by the Microinsurance Network and the Munich Re Foundation as part of the World Map of Microinsurance Programme, this latest study reports on the latest activities and current state of microinsurance in the region as of December 2014. In an effort to share and disseminate these findings with all industry stakeholders, we invite you to access a variety of materials below.


Previous Landscape Reports

Previous landscape study reports have been published for Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia and Oceania. Click here to access and download these files.

Interactive Map


The World Map of Microinsurance is an interactive map presenting key microinsurance data as collected by all landscape studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia and Oceania. The map displays microinsurance coverage ratios (% of the total population covered by Microinsurance) for each country and additional data on lives covered and premiums can be downloaded. Country profiles are also available in pdf format for more detailed market information. Click here to start accessing valuable data!

Expert Forum Series

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Module 1: Microinsurance in Africa and Product Evolution (3 March, 2016)

Forum slides: click here
Forum recording: click here

Module 2: The Business Case for Microinsurance in Africa (24 March, 2016)

Forum slides: click here 
Forum recording: click here

Module 3: Distribution and Innovation in Microinsurance in Africa (14 April, 2016)

Forum slides: click here
Forum recording: click here

Microinsurance Definition

What does "microinsurance" mean in the context of the Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015? Click here to view the definition used for this study.

Who should use the information from the study?

The primary goal of this most recent landscape study and those preceding it is to be a tool for microinsurance industry stakeholders, especially insurers. Below is an infographic depicting potential beneficiaries of this information.

who benefitsstakeholders

In the News and other Publications

The previously published Africa landscape studies have been used and cited several times. The following are some examples:

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