Newsletter No 20 - The Microinsurance Trilogy


Newsletter No 20 - The Microinsurance Trilogy

In light of the Copenhagen summit and the amount of coverage climate change is getting in the media, the Microinsurance Network thought it important to address this issue and present some of the material already written about the effects of climate change and microinsurance.

Microinsurance, as a tool for risk management for the poor, is a concept firmly anchored in the financial inclusion debate, and it should certainly stay this way. The impact of global warming will no doubt have a significant effect on microinsurance providers and clients, and the need to protect themselves against its perils is ever growing.

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Quote of the Day

"It is of utmost importance that we in the sector exchange knowledge and share experiences of what has worked and what hasn't, to encourage and facilitate innovation"-Marco Antonio Rossi | President, Bradesco Seguros Group  

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