The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015

The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015

This study reports on the latest activities and current state of microinsurance in Africa, as identified by the latest regional landscape study, as part of the Microinsurance Network’s World Map of Microinsurance Programme. The 2014 data presented in this publication were collected from over 200 microinsurance providers representing all 36 of 54 African countries where microinsurance is available. In aggregate, these institutions generated a total of USD 756 million in microinsurance gross written premiums in 2014. In terms of outreach, 61.8 million people, or 5.4% of the total regional population was identified as being covered by some type of microinsurance product. 

(Updated version posted 21 February, 2017)

File Name: Microinsurance Network_Africa landscape full report-EN.pdf
Published: 06-24-2016
Document Type: Research reports/papers
Author: Katie Biese, Michael J. McCord and Mariah Mateo Sarpong
Country: Africa
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