Social Performance Indicators for Microinsurance: A Handbook for Microinsurance Practitioners


Social Performance Indicators for Microinsurance: A Handbook for Microinsurance Practitioners

This handbook describes a framework, which includes a set of principles, guidelines and key performance indicators, that is designed to support microinsurance practitioners to monitor, improve and champion social performance. The 10 social key performance indicators provide insight into four dimensions of social performance for microinsurance. Each dimension is defined by a principle and completed with a set of concrete and practically focused guidelines. The social performance indicators are closely linked to the financial performance indicators for microinsurance and provide a balanced view on the overall performance of microinsurance operations, taking both financial and social dimensions into account.

The social performance indicators described in this handbook are the result of a two year sector wide consensus building process led by the Performance Working Group of the Microinsurance Network, in which a fair representation of microinsurance practitioners from different geographic zones, organisational types and product lines took the lead role. This sector-wide participatory approach ensures that the social key performance indicators are applicable to all microinsurance providers, irrespective of legal structure, environment, delivery model and type of microinsurance product offered. It is an important milestone, as the creation of a common language when referring to social performance will contribute to a more transparent and effective microinsurance sector.

File Name: Handbook Social Performance Indicators for Microinsurance.pdf
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Created Date: 03-01-2013
Author: John Wipf and Denis Garand
Publisher: ADA

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