Regulating Mobile Insurance - Insurance business via mobile phones: regulatory challenges and emerging approaches (136 Downloads) 04-01-2018 Download
Index Insurance: Status and Regulatory Challenges (87 Downloads) 01-24-2018 Download
Regulating for innovation (34 Downloads) 01-01-2018 Download
Regulatory Impact Assessments: Microinsurance Regulations in Peru and the Philippines (84 Downloads) 10-26-2017 Download
La proporcionalidad en la práctica: Divulgación de la información (88 Downloads) 10-18-2017 Download
La proporcionalidad en la práctica: La distribución (74 Downloads) 10-18-2017 Download
Regulating for Inclusive Insurance Markets in SADC: Review of regulation (970 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Issues Paper on Conduct of Business in Inclusive Insurance (562 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Regulatory Incentives for Insurance Market Development: Development of Two Case Studies on Proportionality in Practice (586 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Proportionality in practice: Disclosure of information (229 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Proportionality in practice: Distribution (263 Downloads) 06-28-2017 Download
Proportionate Regulatory Frameworks in Inclusive Insurance: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation (266 Downloads) 11-01-2016 Download
Regulatory Impact Assessment - Microinsurance Philippines (2845 Downloads) 12-09-2015 Download
Building supervisory capacity to create inclusive insurance markets in the Pacific (1615 Downloads) 11-12-2013 Download
Application Paper on Regulation and Supervision supporting Inclusive Insurance Markets (387 Downloads) 10-01-2012 Download
MicroSave Briefing Note #120: Microinsurance in Uganda: Tectonic Shift in the Near Future? (498 Downloads) 04-01-2012 Download
Rural Banks and Microinsurance Regulations (2911 Downloads) 02-01-2012 Download
Inside the Initiative: Ehancing regulatory and supervisory capacity, growing financial inclusion (906 Downloads) 09-19-2011 Download
Microinsurance in Brazil: Towards a Strategy for Market Development (902 Downloads) 09-19-2011 Download
Defining "Microinsurance": Thoughts for a journey towards a common understanding (4141 Downloads) 06-23-2011 Download

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"The key message is - don't oversell microinsurance" - Shawn Cole Professor of Graduate Business Administration, Harvard University

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