Demand studies

What People Want: Investigating Inclusive Insurance Demand in Ethiopia (371 Downloads) 04-10-2018 Download
The Landscape of Microinsurance in Ghana 2015: Supply and Demand Side Report (733 Downloads) 10-19-2015 Download
Microinsurance Network Annual report 2013 (1146 Downloads) 07-09-2014 Download
Towards Inclusive Insurance in Thailand: An Analysis of the Market and Regulations (2158 Downloads) 04-25-2014 Download
MILK RCT - Protegiendo a aquellos que dejamos detrás: Estudio experimental de las prestatarias de Compartamos Banco, en México, sobre decisiones de compra del microseguro de vida (588 Downloads) 04-15-2013 Download
Microinsurance Paper No. 21: Audiovisual Mass Media Campaigns for Insurance Education: Stages and Lessons (380 Downloads) 03-01-2013 Download
Microinsurance Paper No. 20: Why People Do Not Buy Microinsurance and What We Can Do About It (563 Downloads) 02-01-2013 Download
Price and Information Type in Life Microinsurance Demand: Experimental Evidence from Mexico (444 Downloads) 12-20-2012 Download
Weathering the Storm: the demand for and impact of microinsurance (1333 Downloads) 09-14-2012 Download
2011 Metlife Study of the American Dream (568 Downloads) 01-20-2012 Download
MILK Brief #7: A Microinsurance Puzzle: How do Demand Factors link to Client Value? (1102 Downloads) 01-11-2012 Download
Insurance Design for Developing Countries (1074 Downloads) 09-19-2011 Download
The Demand for Microinsurance in Rural Ghana (1015 Downloads) 12-01-2008 Download
Market for Microinsurance in Azerbaijan: Low-Income Household Needs and Market Development Projections (963 Downloads) 11-11-2006 Download
Effective Microinsurance Programs to Reduce Vulnerability (687 Downloads) 10-10-2006 Download
Market Research on Microinsurance Demand in Sri Lanka (473 Downloads) 10-10-2006 Download
Microinsurance Sector Development in Sri Lanka -A presentation on the results of market research (684 Downloads) 09-09-2006 Download
Microinsurance Demand and Market Prospects Lao People's Democratic Republic (680 Downloads) 08-01-2006 Download
Guidelines for Market Research on the Demand for Microinsurance (2106 Downloads) 06-06-2006 Download
Market for Microinsurance in Romania: Low-Income Households Needs and Market Development Projections (445 Downloads) 04-04-2006 Download

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"Since we don't know a lot yet, we can't write the bible on what we need for microinsurance." -- Mark Wenner | IADB

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