Insured: Insurance for rural resilience and economic development


Insured: Insurance for rural resilience and economic development

From IFAD's website : IFAD’s technical assistance programme INSURED (Insurance for rural resilience and economic development) has been building knowledge about how to strengthen women producers’ access to climate risk insurance. Working with partners, INSURED supported research, and fieldwork in Ethiopia including group discussions with smallholders about insurance options. A checklist was drawn up for insurance designers and implementers to help them reach out to women every step of the way.

The MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman contributed to the content of this Brief through its collaboration with IFAD on the MRRD project, financed by IFAD and implemented by the MIC@M.

File Name: INSURED_Gender_Brief.pdf
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Created Date: 02-03-2020
Author: IFAD
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