Inclusive Insurance: Closing the Protection Gap for Emerging Customers (640 Downloads) 01-08-2018 Download
Proportionality in practice: Distribution (511 Downloads) 06-28-2017 Download
Insights on Mobile Network Operators as a distribution channel for microinsurance in Asia (665 Downloads) 11-15-2016 Download
Module 3: Distribution and Innovation in Microinsurance in Africa - Expert Forum Series (1848 Downloads) 04-14-2016 Download
Responsible Mobile Insurance: Discussion paper (390 Downloads) 05-01-2015 Download
Informe de MILK #21: El microseguro de vida en Colombia: el surgimiento de una historia de éxito (1621 Downloads) 07-09-2014 Download
Insurance and Inclusive Growth (2123 Downloads) 06-30-2014 Download
MILK Brief #33: The Right Touch - Reducing Distribution Costs in Alternative Channels for Microinsurance (1857 Downloads) 05-02-2014 Download
MILK Brief #32: Colombian life microinsurance - The business case for Solidaria's distribution partners (1358 Downloads) 04-23-2014 Download
WIN WIN WIN - Profitability and client value along the life microinsurance value chain in the Philippines (1453 Downloads) 01-06-2014 Download
Condensed MILK: WIN WIN WIN - Profitability and client value along the life microinsurance value chain in the Philippines (1165 Downloads) 01-02-2014 Download
Microinsurance Paper No 26: Mobile Phones and Microinsurance (1292 Downloads) 11-29-2013 Download
New Sales and Distribution Models in Mobile Financial Services (1759 Downloads) 03-29-2013 Download
Pathways Towards Greater Impact: Better Microinsurance Models, Products and Processes for MFIs (1133 Downloads) 11-01-2012 Download
MicroSave Briefing Note #123: Agent Banking and Insurance: Is there a value alignment? (1180 Downloads) 06-01-2012 Download
Microinsurance Paper No. 16 - Selling More, Selling Better: A microinsurance sales force development study (1597 Downloads) 05-01-2012 Download
Managing Microinsurance Partnerships (957 Downloads) 04-01-2012 Download
Defining "Microinsurance": Thoughts for a journey towards a common understanding (4902 Downloads) 06-23-2011 Download
Microsseguros sera um bom negocio para o Corrector? (1021 Downloads) 05-01-2011 Download
A importancia des ONGs (terceiro setor) na distribuicao de seguros (1250 Downloads) 04-26-2011 Download

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