The Magical Balance - MILK lessons learned


The Magical Balance - MILK lessons learned


Drawing on three years of research with dozens of microinsurance programs across the globe, this presentation by key members of the MicroInsurance Centre’s Microinsurance Learning & Knowledge (MILK) Project team provides insights and lessons learned regarding the value of microinsurance for low income clients and the business case for insurers, distributors, and intermediaries. The presentation covers:

  • Client Value: Insights about the conditions under which microinsurance provides value for low income clients and the resulting practical applications for insurers and other microinsurance stakeholders
  • Business Case: Lessons regarding the factors affecting the business case for microinsurance, including detailed cases based on data from health insurers (India and Kenya) and life insurers (Colombia and the Philippines)
  • The Magical Balance: a discussion of the interplay between client value and business case and examples of how microinsurance providers can find that “magical balance”


File Name: The Magical Balance - MILK lessons learned.pdf
File Type: application/pdf
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Created Date: 07-01-2014
Author: Michael J McCord, Rick Koven, Barbara Magnoni
Publisher: MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman

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