Operational excellence for insurers focusing on emerging consumers


Operational excellence for insurers focusing on emerging consumers


We are pleased to present this report which explores the opportunities
and challenges of selling and providing insurance to low-income
customers, and shows how an organization can use an operational
excellence approach to operate efficiently and, thus, sustain profitability.
The report is a collaborative effort between EY and LeapFrog Investments,
a profit-with-purpose private equity fund and the world’s largest dedicated
investor in insurance and related financial services to low-income
consumers in Africa and Asia. LeapFrog is successfully tapping this market
by investing in companies that offer financial products, and providing
valuable safety nets and springboards to the next billion low-income
emerging consumers.
We have incorporated our perspectives and those of LeapFrog to drill
down on operational improvement activities that will play a dominant role
in future investment in this emerging consumer market. We encourage
you to use this report to create forums for discussion among insurance
companies, intermediaries, regulators, investors and other stakeholders.
Identifying the operational levers that are critical for success in these
markets will ensure that business model paradigms evolve to effectively
service this large and important customer segment.


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