Business models (community based, mutual, takaful, commercial)

Inclusive Insurance: Closing the Protection Gap for Emerging Customers (526 Downloads) 01-08-2018 Download
The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean 2017 (214 Downloads) 01-01-2018 Download
Microinsurance at Allianz Group: 2014 Full Year Report (1192 Downloads) 04-24-2015 Download
Is There a Business Case for MicroInsurance? (2574 Downloads) 10-01-2014 Download
Microinsurance in Uganda: Country diagnostic report on market and regulations (3044 Downloads) 06-26-2014 Download
Condensed MILK #19: Microinsurance-only Multinational Intermediaries: The early years (715 Downloads) 01-01-2013 Download
Health Worker Preferences for Community-based Health Insurance Payments Mechanisms: A Discrete Choice Experiment (434 Downloads) 02-01-2012 Download
Microinsurance Paper No. 13 - Third Party Payment Mechanisms in Health Microinsurance (600 Downloads) 10-01-2011 Download
Protecting the forgotten through Microtakaful (610 Downloads) 07-01-2010 Download
India's Report on Health Micro-Insurance Schemes: Diversity, innovations and trends (Part 2 of 5: Comparative Data) (525 Downloads) 01-01-2009 Download
Technology for Microinsurance Scoping Study Final Report (643 Downloads) 09-01-2008 Download
Seguros Futuro, El Salvador (532 Downloads) 07-01-2008 Download
Microinsurance NOTE 9: Visions of the Future of Microinsurance and Thoughts in Getting There (894 Downloads) 04-30-2008 Download
The Poor and Voluntary Long Term Contractual Savings (679 Downloads) 10-01-2007 Download
Issues in Regulation and Supervision of Takaful (Islamic Insurance) (494 Downloads) 08-08-2006 Download
Association d'Entraide des Femmes: Benin - CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, Good and Bad Practices Case Study No. 22 (398 Downloads) 02-02-2006 Download
ALMAO and YASIRU: Sri Lanka - CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance Good and Bad Practices, Case Study No. 21 (565 Downloads) 01-01-2006 Download
Health Microinsurance: A Comparison of Four Publicly-run Schemes in Latin America. CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance Good and Bad Practices Case Study No. 18 (426 Downloads) 11-11-2005 Download
L'Union des Mutuelles de Santé de Guinée Forestière - Guinea. CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance Good and Bad Practices Case Study No. 17 (424 Downloads) 10-10-2005 Download
La Equidad, Colombia, Good and Bad Practices Case Study No. 12 (689 Downloads) 09-09-2005 Download

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