Business case for microinsurance

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The Women’s Market for Insurance: An Emerging Business Opportunity (153 Downloads) 01-11-2018 Download
Operational excellence for insurers focusing on emerging consumers (688 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
MicroSave Briefing Note 160: Loyalty-based Mobile Insurance: Is Design Aligned to Business Objectives? (838 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Translating global policy into local action: 6th June Member Meeting Notes (734 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
The State of Microinsurance: The insider's guide to understanding the sector (844 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Le paysage de la micro-assurance Afrique 2015 - Fiche de synthèse préliminaire (760 Downloads) 09-27-2017 Download
Conference Report - Egypt Microinsurance Learning Sessions (356 Downloads) 07-22-2016 Download
The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015 (2112 Downloads) 06-24-2016 Download
Module 2: The Business Case for Microinsurance in Africa - Expert Forum Series (705 Downloads) 03-25-2016 Download
Module 1: Microinsurance in Africa and Product Evolution - Expert Forum Series (867 Downloads) 03-09-2016 Download
The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2015 - Preliminary Briefing Note (1375 Downloads) 11-03-2015 Download
The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A changing market (1449 Downloads) 09-16-2015 Download
Achieving Scale and Efficiency in Microinsurance Through Retail and Banking Correspondents (1528 Downloads) 12-08-2014 Download
Is There a Business Case for MicroInsurance? (2269 Downloads) 10-01-2014 Download
Informe de MILK #21: El microseguro de vida en Colombia: el surgimiento de una historia de éxito (1288 Downloads) 07-09-2014 Download
The Magical Balance - MILK lessons learned (1401 Downloads) 07-01-2014 Download
Sesiones de aprendizaje en microseguros: América Latina y el Caribe 2013 (860 Downloads) 06-06-2014 Download
Microinsurance Learning Sessions: Latin America and the Caribbean 2013 (740 Downloads) 06-06-2014 Download
MILK Brief #32: Colombian life microinsurance - The business case for Solidaria's distribution partners (1043 Downloads) 04-23-2014 Download
The business case for Microinsurance Intermediaries - Part II (1021 Downloads) 03-25-2014 Download

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"The key message is - don't oversell microinsurance" - Shawn Cole Professor of Graduate Business Administration, Harvard University

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