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Housed at the International Labour Organization's Social Finance Programme, the Microinsurance Innovation Facility seeks to increase the availablility of quality insurance for the developing world's low-income families to help them guard against risk and overcome poverty. MILK and the Facility take different but complementary paths to understanding client value and business case. MILK and the Facility will work in close collaboration, leveraging each others' research and dissemination efforts and co-producing certain outputs to strenghten understanding of the key questions.


MicroEnsure is an insurance intermediary dedicated to serving the poor throughout the developing world, providing services related to product design, implementation and development, client education and training, claims processing, business process outsourcing, and automated insurance management systems in nine countries. MicroEnsure collaborates with MILK to collect client value and business case lessons from selected products and partner organizations. MILK will also analyze the operations of MicroEnsure as a whole to gain further understanding of the business case for intermediaries.

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"We don't push our ideas on people, we listen to them and their requirements" -- Insurer

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