For the MILK Project, the MicroInsurance Centre works closely with ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility. The Facility is a key partner in the effort to understand business case and client value for microinsurance.

Welcome to the Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK) Project

Do low-income families really benefit from microinsurance? Is it true that there is a business case for microinsurance? The MILK Project, a three-year initiative of the MicroInsurance Centre, has been designed to help answer these questions.

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and close collaboration with the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility, MILK is focused on providing answers to these questions based on data and research. Through a better understanding client value and the business case in microinsurance, stakeholders will be better informed, better prepared, and better able to make rational decisions about their interventions in microinsurance. By testing key assumptions, we will also gain a more realistic vision for microinsurance.

The MicroInsurance Centre and our MILK Project Team invite stakeholders and researchers to work with us to advance understanding of these key questions about microinsurance. See Get Involved for more information about collaboration opportunities.

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