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This interactive map below contains the findings from the MicroInsurance Centre's landscape studies.  Watch Instructional Video 1 and Instructional Video 2 to learn more about navigating the site, including how to make your own maps and analyze and download the data. Click the lower left icon to view the map in full screen.

The microinsurance data presented here are the lives and properties covered as identified during the following landscape studies: The Landscape of Microinsurance in the World's 100 Poorest Countries, The Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2010 (2008 data), 2012 (2011 data), and 2015 (2014 data), and The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean 2011 (2011 data) and 2014 (2013 data). Data from the 2013 (2012 data) Landscape of Microinsurance in Asia and Oceania is also included in the map, which was published by the Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with GIZ and supported by the Microinsurance Network. The data collection and authoship of the Asia and Oceania Landscape was conducted by MicroSave. To download all landscape publications, click here.


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"Microinsurance comes from the heart, but it is a business and not a charity." -- Alvaro Uribe | Former President of Colombia

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