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The MicroInsurance Centre, LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to generating access to valuable microinsurance products to 3 billion low-income people across the globe. This is accomplished by working with regulated insurers and appropriate delivery channels who can efficiently provide simple, market-responsive microinsurance products. Our clients include commercial insurers, foundations, bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. These organizations work with us to ensure the best potential for success with their microinsurance activities. Our work with clients includes various aspects of microinsurance, from product development and training to research and advocacyThroughout all consulting work, the MicroInsurance Centre is guided by four core philosophies: “SUAVE”, the “Magical Balance,” local capacity building, and evolution of products; all of these have been built from years of experience with dozens of microinsurance programs across the globe (to learn more about our Guiding Philosophies, see our Corporate Capability Statement). The ultimate goal is to create SUAVE microinsurance products that have value for clients and represent a business case (e.g. are sustainable) for the insurer and distribution channel.

Our team has implemented microinsurance activities in over 70 countries during the last twenty years. To complete the wide variety of projects carried out by the MicroInsurance Centre, we also work with a number of exceptional consultants. To see a list of consultants with whom we work and their respective bios, please visit our Consultants page. The Microinsurance Centre office and Staff control the project management, accounting, and consultant involvement for all of its projects. All firm activities are led by Michael J. McCord, founder and President of the MicroInsurance Centre.


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"With a good reputation, word of mouth will ensure the increase in the size of the pool." -- Sabbir Patel | ICMIF


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