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We promote quality microinsurance in the following ways:

Product Development

  • aiding organizations through some or all of the product development process to ensure that products are responsible, professional, legal, prudent and most importantly, marketable
  • the product development process, which¬†includes process planning, market research on the supply and demand side, stakeholder workshops, partner selection, product design, partnership arrangements, pilot testing, roll out, review and assessment, and continued monitoring to ensure the viability and profitability of the program
  • the MicroInsurance Centre wrote the book in microinsurance product development based on its extensive implementation

Microinsurance Research

  • carrying out informative research studies, case studies, pre-feasibility studies, and feasibility studies on various issues within the microinsurance industry
  • using the lessons learned in research to aid the case study targets and organizations and to help microinsurance providers make informed decisions


  • expanding the knowledge of microinsurance through training workshops of various levels, speaking engagements at national and international forums, and document sharing
  • actively participating and often leading¬†various working groups on key topics in microinsurance
  • facilitating dialog about microinsurance policy between regulators and insurers in numerous countries

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