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About MicroInsurance Centre

Founded in 2000 by Michael J. McCord as an initiative of MicroSave, the MicroInsurance Centre has worked with many organizations to spread microinsurance helping to cover tens of millions of lives with various types of microinsurance products. We focus on promoting responsible microinsurance (quality products that are financially sustainable), because without responsible products and policies microinsurance will be ineffective at addressing the needs of the poor and will not satisfy a business case in the long term.

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To facilitate responsible microinsurance, the MicroInsurance Centre actively promotes the partnership model of microinsurance and is the only independent institution that is entirely focused on doing so. We encourage this model because by partnering institutions such as MFIs with regulated insurance companies, we can take advantage of the parties' relative strengths. The MFI can access the low-income market and deliver products more efficiently and effectively than the insurer, and the regulated insurer has expertise in insurance products and capacity to carry the risk. Our efforts to facilitate such partnerships are creating win-win-win solutions for insurers, delivery channels, and the low-income market.

Quote of the Day

"I was stranded in New York City during the 2003 blackout, and for the next two years, I carried a small flashlight in my backpack. The flashlight did not cost much, but its potential to help in another blackout was obvious and to use it I needed only to press a button. For microinsurance to be accepted on a massive scale, it cannot cost much, its value must be obvious, and it must be simple to use." -- Brandon Matthews | Head of Microinsurance, Zurich Financial Services


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