General Information Sites for Microinsurance

Access to Insurance Initiative

The goal of the Access to Insurance Initiative is to enhance broad-based, demand-oriented and sustainable access to insurance for low-income clients; thereby growing financial inclusion in the insurance sphere. This website provides information on the Initiative and its sponsors and disseminates all knowledge on microinsurance that is created within the Initiative.

Allianz Emerging Consumers (formerly Microinsurance)

Allianz has several Emerging Consumer initiatives throughout the globe. Access their website to learn more about their Emerging Consumers approach, current products tailored to the low-income market, and more. 

Center for Health Market Innovations

This resource captures more than 100 health insurance programs in more than 40 developing countries that were specifically designed for low-income populations in a searchable database. The inventory includes information on each health insurance scheme as well as emerging lessons extracted from academic journals, publications from industry leaders, and submissions from practitioners.

Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion

The Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri) is a non-profit thinktank based in Cape Town. Cenfri's mission is to support financial sector development and financial inclusion through facilitating better regulation and market provision of financial services. This is done by conducting research, providing advice and developing capacity building programmes for regulators, market players and other parties operating in the low-income market. Their site includes case studies, publication, and information on various projects.

Centre for Insurance and Risk Management (CIRM)

CIRM is a specialized design and research center for the Institute for Financial Management and Research with a goal of improving market-based risk management solutions available to low-income households. CIRM is working to achieve this by providing research data, training NGOs, MFIs and others, and using research for policy advocacy. Information about CIRM's research and projects is available on their site.

FinMark Trust

FinMark Trust aims to promote and support policy and institutional development towards the objective of increasing access to financial services by the un- and under-banked in Africa. One key theme area is Insurance and FinMark Trust has excellent documents and research available especially relating to Southern Africa.

ILO Global Extension of Social Security (GESS)

GESS is a global knowledge sharing platform on the extension of social security and aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, capture and document experiences, identify knowledge gaps, create new knowledge and promote innovation. This platform, developed and run by the ILO Social Security Department, provides an international interdisciplinary knowledge sharing environment and technical assistance services for the extension of social security. Their site provides access to numerous documents about microinsurance.

Micro Insurance Academy

The Micro Insurance Academy (MIA) is a not-for-profit organization providing technical assistance in microinsurance to organizations that focus on low-income communities. It works in liaison with partners from civil society, academia, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, the (re)insurance industry and national governments. The organization carries out research, provides technical assistance, conducts trainings, provides advisory services and engages in advocacy.

Impact Insurance Facility

Created by the ILO's Social Finance Programme in 2008 and funded by the Gates Foundation, the Impact Insurance Facility seeks to increase the availability of quality insurance for the developing world's low-income families to help them guard against risk and overcome poverty. The Facility does this by providing grants to support organizations and encourage them to develop innovations for the microinsurance sector. The Facility also developed a research strategy to generate new knowledge of microinsurance, which is available on their site.

Microinsurance Network

This Microinsurance Network was originally established in 2002 as the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, funded by donor organisations, multilateral agencies and other interested parties involved in the promotion and support of microinsurance in developing countries. The Networks mission is to disseminate lessons learned, raise awareness, and promote good practices development within the industry. Their site includes articles, forum, conference information, and numerous other resources.

Micro Health Insurance Africa

Micro Health Insurance for low-income population in Botswana, Ghana, and Malawi – an approach to reduce poverty Micro health insurance tries to overcome the vicious circle of poverty and illness. Within the project "Pro MHI Africa" the University of Cologne and its partners, the Universities of Ghana, Malawi, and Botswana analyse micro health insurance units in these three African countries and give academic attendance. On the basis of scientific outcomes, the university network prepares students to become policy makers for the expanding (micro-) insurance markets and to qualify them as experts for micro health insurance. The project “Pro MHI Africa” is funded by the Edulink programme of the European Union.

Microfinance Opportunities

Microfinance Opportunities is a women-owned microenterprise resource center that seeks to facilitate an improvement in poor people's lives by increasing their access to well-designed and well-delivered financial services. One of their areas of work is microinsurance.


MicroSave is a unique organization that promotes the development of savings and other more client-responsive financial services among microfinance institutions (MFIs). The MicroSave website provides access to a large variety of recourses including toolkits, technical briefs, research papers, and others.

European Microfinance Platform

European multi-stakeholder group to enhance dialogue, mutual learning, and competence in microfinance, building on the past and current experience of European countries and actors and their interaction with developing countries.

The A.M. Best Company

A.M. Best Company advertises themselves as the leading provider of ratings, news, data, and financial information on the insurance industry. Their mission is to perform a constructive and objective role in the insurance industry. The A.M. Best site provides articles on relevant issues, a rating of formal sector insurers (by country), country risk studies, and extensive global insurance information. There are even sourcing tools for insurance attorneys and claims adjusters by country throughout the world. This site should be very helpful to MFIs looking for insurer partners.

USAID MicroLinks - Microinsurance Notes Series

MicroLINKS is a dynamic knowledge-sharing web site designed to improve the impact of USAID-funded microenterprise programs and activities. The site features a section on microinsurance with a series of short topical papers of interest to donors and practitioners alike.

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