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Inter-American Developmental Bank
The IDB, established in 1959 to support the process of economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean, is the main source of multilateral financing in the region. The IDB Group provides solutions to development challenges by partnering with governments, companies and civil society organizations, thus reaching its clients ranging from central governments to city authorities and businesses.Recently, through the Multilateral Investment Fund, the IDB has partly funded the Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2012. This study aims at identifying gaps, developing knowledge products and activities, and helping to catalyze new microinsurance initiatives.


Asian Development Bank
Established in 1966, The Asian Development Bank is a major source of development financing for the Asia and Pacific region. With more than $17.5 billion in approved financing, and 2,800 employees from 59 countries, ADB - in partnership with member governments, independent specialists and other financial institutions - is focused on delivering projects that create economic and development impact.
ADB has in recent years spent $4.4 million to promote microinsurance in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Between 2007 and 2012, the Asian Development Bank also granted assistance to the Government of the Philippines through the Developing Microinsurance Project, which aims at strengthening capacity of government regulators and microinsurance providers in the country.


World Bank
The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Our mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results and to help people help themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and forging partnerships in the public and private sectors.
In 2011, The World Bank, in collaboration with Dewan Asuransi Indonesia (Indonesian Insurance Council) and International Finance Corporation, hosted the first Microinsurance Marketplace in Indonesia, which was expected to stimulate new and innovative ideas on microinsurance.

GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation)
As a federal enterprise, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.
In 2012, GIZ partook in the organizing the first ‘International Microinsurance Conference – Learning Sessions’ in Accra, Ghana. The “Learning Sessions” were tailor-made local expert meetings addressing questions specific to a particular market and complementing the annual International Microinsurance conference. With the support of GIZ the Munich Re Foundation was able to commission The Landscape of Microinsurance in Asia and Oceana.

Munich Re Foundation
The Munich Re Foundation has been a great supporter of microinsurance. They co-sponsor the Microinsurance Annual Conferences, financed the production of “Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium”, and continue to provide critical inputs to productive discourse in microinsurance. Their site contains reports from each of the annual conferences, the compendium, and information about the upcoming conference.
In recent years the Munich Re Foundation commissioned a new study on the Landscape of Microinsurance in Asia and Oceana. Munich Re Foundation in collaboration with other organizations recently helped publish the Landscape of Microinsurance in Africa 2012.

United States Agency for International Development
The United States has a long history of extending a helping hand to those people overseas struggling to make a better life, recover from a disaster or striving to live in a free and democratic country. It is this caring that stands as a hallmark of the United States around the world -- and shows the world our true character as a nation. U.S. foreign assistance has always had the twofold purpose of furthering America's foreign policy interests in expanding democracy and free markets while improving the lives of the citizens of the developing world.
In 2011, USAID announced to invest in the 'R4 Rural Resilience Initiative' which is a five year microinsurance program developed by the World Food Program (WFP) and Oxfam America to allow farmers to use labor to pay for a weather-based insurance contract that will provide compensation if a severe drought event hampers crop growth.

International Fund for Agricultural Development
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations, was established as an international financial institution in 1977 as one of the major outcomes of the 1974 World Food Conference. Working with rural poor people, governments, donors, non-governmental organizations and many other partners, IFAD focuses on country-specific solutions, which can involve increasing rural poor peoples' access to financial services, markets, technology, land and other natural resources.
IFAD has in part supported the creation of a manual called Microinsurance Product Development for Microinsurance Providers. The purpose of this manual is to facilitate widespread access to Microinsurance services. 

International Labor Organization
International Labor Organization aims to ensure that it serves the needs of working women and men by bringing together governments, employers and workers to set labor standards, develop policies and devise programs.
The International Labor Organization, through its Microinsurance Innovation Facility, seeks to increase the availability of quality insurance for the developing world's low income families to help them guard against risk and overcome poverty. Protecting the poor - A microinsurance compendium" is a co-publication with the International Labor Organization. This authoritative compendium brings together the latest thinking of leading academics, actuaries, and insurance and development professionals in the microinsurance field.

Multilateral Investment Fund
MIF is a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group. It supports economic growth and poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean through encouraging increased private investment and advancing private sector development.
It recently commissioned The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean. This landscape study aims at identifying gaps, developing knowledge products and activities, and helping to catalyze new microinsurance initiatives.

Dutch Development Bank
FMO is the international development bank of the Netherlands. FMO invests risk capital in companies and financial institutions in developing countries. With an investment portfolio of € 4.2 billion, FMO is one of the largest bilateral private sector development banks worldwide. FMO's mission is to create flourishing enterprises, which can serve as engines of sustainable growth in their countries.
FMO supported the LeapFrog Financial Inclusion Fund for micro insurance, managed by LeapFrog Investments Ltd with a total worth of US$ 44 million. The fund aimed to invest in businesses that will bring insurance and financial services to 25 million low-income people in Africa and Asia.

MasterCard Foundation
The MasterCard Foundation believes that every person has the potential to transform their lives and to improve the lives of their families and their communities. By increasing access to financial services and youth education to those who need it most, the Foundation is enabling people to realize their potential and lift themselves out of poverty.
The MasterCard Foundation hosts MasterCard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion every year. This two-day symposium features leading experts from microfinance organizations, financial service providers and consulting groups, who bring to the table years of experience, innovative research, new findings, case studies, stories from the field, and practical lessons learned.

The Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation was established on Jan. 15, 1936 with headquarters in New York. The foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, with its own board, and is entirely separate from the Ford Motor Company.
Ford Foundation believes all people should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, and have voice in the decisions that affect them. It works mainly by making grants or loans that build knowledge and strengthen organizations and networks.Funds by the Ford Foundation helped in the development of a landscape survey on agriculture microinsurance. The Agricultural Microinsurance Global Practices and Prospect is about providing insurance to small-scale farmers in developing countries.  



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